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ABC Gate Repair Maple Valley WA

If you are planning to increase the look and security of your house or business by installing new front gate, or in need of a quick repair on existing gate, remember! Gate Repair Maple Valley, WA is a right choice that is committed to serve you around the clock, anywhere and anytime in Maple Valley, WA and its surrounding areas.Our company is well reputed and most trusted in service, installation and repair of residential and commercial security gates, electric gates, automatic gates, motorized gates, commercial gates, remote Gates and much more. We have the honor to serve you with right technology used by the right certified professionals, which can handle any repair and installation of any major brand.Our services are not limited to repair gates only; you need to maintain, service or install gate motors, new gate openers, telephone entry systems, gate equipment and safety devices, telephone intercom systems, accessories etc. Any problem in your gate system or to the part of your gate, Gate Repair Maple Valley WA is the correct solution. No matter what kind of gate, installation or repair, we do it all, glass gates, wooden gates, electric iron gates, and from backyard gates, window gates to fencing. Call us if you have any question and utilize our emergency 24/7 services that will send an expert at your doorstep right away!



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Residential gates are very common. We offer repair services if your gate has stopped functioning properly or if your gate has recently suffered an accident. We offer a variety of services including driveway installation for home. Driveway gates are there to protect your home and if it malfunctions we are the peopel to call. We install a number of opener for your gates, the brand include Elite, Doorking, GTO pro, Eagle, Ramset, FAAC and All O Matic. We also offer installations for multicode, Linear, Reno and Viking. We also work with wrought iron fences. Wrought iron fences can work in a variety of ways ranging from pool fences, commercial fences, house fences, cages, retaining walls and even doors or gates. If you are in need a a new gate or just a repair give us a call at (425) 903-3135. We’re available 24/7.

Our repair services are highly specialized and we work with dozens of brands of electric operators and actuators. Obviously this requires the technician to be prepared properly including licenses, equipment and experience, we can provide all of that at ABC Gate Repair Maple Valley. All our technicians are prepared with knowledge relating to finding the proper replacement parts. Whether you have a swinging gate, sliding gate, rolling gate, cantilever gate or a simple arm gate we can repair or replace any gate. This also includes sizes no matter what size your business requires we can give you the perfect gate. Give us a call today at (425) 903-3135.

Some of our Services:

Automatic Gate Repair

Automatic ABC Gate Repair Maple ValleyWe are known for our quality service for repairing all kinds and makes of automatic gates from 15 successful years. Continuous usage of these gates made the parts worn out quickly. Gate Repair Maple Valley WA send their technicians, who trouble shoot and repair first, in case they feel any part should be replaced by new one, they order it and install in committed period. Our company can make custom gates as you desire for your house and business that provide you long life and trouble free service. We help you out in recommending type of new gate openers, intercom system and gate accessories for your gate. Do call us! We can repair your gate to new.

Slide Gate Repair

Slide ABC Gate Repair Maple ValleyWhat distinguish us from our competitors are our certified technicians, who are well trained to maintain service, repair and install the sliding gates in Maple Valley better than anyone. Our design department has been providing you with complete variety of branded architectural styles of Sliding Gates in competitive price, from many years. Our devoted services for customer’s satisfaction have brought us at top number, if you have any problem in your slide gate, do not go anywhere when Gate Repair Maple Valley WA is here to meet your needs with 100 percent customer service.

Swing Gate Repair

Swing ABC Gate Repair Maple ValleyGates are safeguards and beauty touch to your property and business. They are being used widely due to the security threats especially in case of business and treasure possessions. The purpose requires their smooth function 24 hours, and this definitely calls for regular service, maintenance and repair. Among the large variety people are more compelling to install Swing gates, which are functioned by either swing gate hinges or gate openers. The common repair for these gates is widely observed to be the hinges, which needs repair or replacement according to the situation.Total weight of the door affects the hinges and they may break, bend or gets rusty if not used for long time. The issue is professionally taken care by Gate Repair Maple Valley WA’s special swing gate adjustment service to repair and make the door functional again. Sometimes the function of swing gate halts due to any bend or broken post. This may create a tilt and garage door might not close properly. In order to repair damaged swing gatepost you need to mend the whole gate, and repair the total parts of post and the gate in order to make it function again. Thirdly, the function of the swing gate is ceased due to laser powered swing gate sensors that stop working. The issue is sensitive; do not try handling yourself, as it may cause a serious accident. Your swing gates operate manually or through swing gate openers and inter- com system; any fault in them may also turn the gate function down. Finding out the actual fault is our responsibility and fixing it back as new is our aim. Trust our special trained force of technicians to fight for you and against your swing gate repair in the way you like and in the time, you select.

Security Gate Repair

Security ABC Gate Repair Maple ValleyGate Repair Maple Valley WA is fully knowledgeable about all areas of your security gates. Security gates have become an essential need of the time for the safety of industrial area, business, parking areas, storefronts, shopping mall or for your expensive house and family. Any damage in your security gate can put you in lot of trouble; we know the importance of efficient and trouble free security gates, therefore we supply quality brands and deliver quality repair that will keep your door functional for long time. Our expert staff has the complete know how about every option that improves the security of gate, like card readers, loop detectors, barrier arms and inter-com access. Anything about your security gate, come to us we have highly trained staff that is expert in hardware replacement to welding requirement, in order to fix the gate, in competitive manner, both in cost and repair.

Gate Opener Repair

Gate Opener Repair Maple Valley WAGate openers are the key part of your gate that offers comfort in opening and closing of your gate whole day and night. Gate Repair Maple Valley WA provides the best names like, All O Matic. LiftMaster, Chamberlain, Eagle, Elite, Doorling etc. a complete line of gate openers, specially designed to satisfy the safety measures and requirements. In spite of exclusive guarantees, these gate openers if not serviced regularly, might be damaged and disturb your gate function any time. Call us; we will guide you, which gate opener suits best to your gate, and what kind of repair it requires. Our certified technicians come to your place and provide a free estimate in case of repair or installment of the gate opener. If the gate is not functioning properly, we look into parts of your gate openers, as we prefer to repair first. Sometimes the motor of the gate openers is the cause of halting gate opener, we are devoted to give hundred percent satisfactions to our customer by fixing the motor, which is less expensive, otherwise replace it by new one.

Gate Sensor Repair

Gate Sensor Repair Maple Valley WAWe can perform any repair to get your gate back to function as new. In case of automated gates, sometimes the issue is not inside the openers but these are your sensors not responding to direct the opener to operate correctly. To prevent any serious accident, people must use photo eyes, safety edges or other sensing instruments, which detect any object or vehicle blocking the travel route of gate, observing any interruption they stop the gate or reverse the movement. Sensors that operate by throwing a beam of light across the gate-opening, if cut off by any object, stop closing gate immediately and start its motion in backward direction. This will save the object from being smashed, saving the property as well as your life.

However, more important is to keep these sensors in good working condition; otherwise, you can face serious damage. Gate Repair Maple Valley WA knows the sensitivity of these sensors, and replaces the broken sensors and sensor cables to make them serve your gate rightly.

Gate Intercom Repair

Gate Intercom Repair Maple Valley WAIntercom system is the best way for security and communication. It is really piece of mind when you can see your visitors and answer them from anywhere in the house. Gate Repair Maple Valley WA offers a wide selection of styles, like audio inter-com system or audio and video inter-com system, along with professional advice about which system will work perfect for your gate. We work along innovations; therefore, if you do not want to use your remote control for your gate, we install gate keypad for all your convenience.As these parts are sensitive and stop working due to incomplete signals, locking up, broken wires, worn out, or broken motherboard in keypad system. If you are living in Maple Valley, in a high traffic area, facing any inconvenience for that, call us! Our specialists in this field can do the job quickly, in reasonable cost.

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